What is a Social Phonebook?

13 Oct 2022

What is a Social Phonebook? How Konnections Will Give You Better Control over Your Social Life

An average person has hundreds of contacts in their phonebook. Some of the more social among us even have thousands of them. But, how many of them do we call, message, or email regularly? Hardly a handful of them.

What about the rest? They remain ignored, sulking in the corner of your phonebook until several years later you decide to say, “Hi,” to catch up. Well, guess what, they changed their phone number long ago, and you didn’t even have any idea.

What do you do? Where do you go? How do you get their contact details now?

Well, you can try finding them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or some other social platform, or, here’s a brilliant idea: you could just use a social phonebook like Konnections to never lose touch with them in the first place!

That brings us to the big question.

What’s a Social Phonebook?

A social phonebook introduces some of the standard features of social media to your phonebook.


For instance, a social phonebook allows you to stay in touch with your contacts, even when they change their phone numbers, emails, and other contact details, just like social media. Their new contact details are auto-updated on your social
phonebook without necessitating any manual intervention from your side.

Just like you can access your social accounts from any smart device, social phonebooks allow you to access them from any smart device. That’s not all; some of the new generation social phonebooks (such as Konnections) are actively transforming how you communicate and manage your contacts forever.

Konnections: Revolutionizing Your Connections

A quick search on App Store or Google Play will fetch you a bevy of social phonebooks with a broad spectrum of feature sets. However, Konnections, one of the most popular social phonebooks, is revolutionizing communications for smartphone users in practical and intuitive ways.

For one, you can group all your contacts into Circles and set circle-level visibility 


rules. That way, all contacts belonging to a circle only see the contact details (belonging to you) that you want them to see. You can share only your work number with colleagues, work email with clients, and so on. That way, you can compartmentalize your social life any way you like – work, family, friends, gym buddies, hiking partners – your circles, your rules.

Konnections also lets you decide who gets to see your latest contact details when you change them. On top of it, the built-in dialer replaces your phone dialer and offers you enhanced features like one-click speed dial and many others.

Cloud backup, caller ID, spam block – the endless list of features we’ve packed into Konnections will make you forget your regular phonebook and dialer at once. You don’t need those outdated things.

Level up, forge durable connections with your contacts and seize control of your social life and circles. Let technology work for you instead of the other way around.

Download Konnections today!

Photo Credit: Photo by Márcia Rodrigues


never add, lose or update
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