UX Update Launch: Gear Up for an Incredible Konnections Experience

13 Oct 2022

We heard you; we heard all of you.

The feature requests, the UI change requests, the improvement feedback, and everything else you shared with us – we took note of it all and have made Konnections sleeker, smoother, and sexier than ever!

The previous version of the Konnections app was designed for a much older OS experience. Much has changed over the past few years – both iOS and Android have released multiple OS upgrades, users’ tastes have shifted, and we’ve accrued into tens of thousands of downloads.

As we celebrate our modest success, we intend to share our happiness with you by giving you a small reward – a Konnections upgrade.

A New, Enhanced UI/UX Coming

The latest UI/UX updates bring your favorite social phonebook up to date, both in terms of form and function. Besides the snappier app performance and slick animations, we’ve also incorporated some feature changes, which help you get more out of your social phonebook. Here’s what to look for in the new UX:

A Cleaner, Clutter-free Look

The tiles and icons are cleaner, the background is more clutter-free than before, and you get an immersive app experience that brings all your contacts together to one place.

You experience this right from the get-go. The sign-in experience has been completely overhauled – it’s smoother, more fun, and gives you more control over your profile’s settings.

You get to enjoy a distraction-free UI that is clean, easy to use, and positively delightful.

It All Works Like a Well-oiled Machine

The post-login tour brings you up to speed on all the basics of the new UX. The new contacts manager blends together Dialer, Contacts, Chat, Konnections Contacts, and even Call History for a more comprehensive and fluid experience.

It’s all in one place; no more rummaging around looking for what you seek.

Your Social Life Just Got an Upgrade

Inviting your non-Konnection contacts over to the platform is now easier than ever. We even help you discover and invite new contacts that you probably know.

Search, Advanced Search, Activity trackers, and a host of other nifty features elevate your Konnections experience to a whole new level, allowing you always to stay updated on your connections.

And we’ve done all of this without compromising on the app functionality. You can now add more contact details, including a multitude of social profiles, to your Konnections profile. We know how much you love keeping in touch with your contacts. So, the enhanced rich-texting feature (messenger) allows you to send everything from texts and images to documents and contacts to your connections.

What’s More, Help is Always Just a Click Away

If you ever need any assistance, a dedicated Help button takes you quickly to the FAQs section, where you can find answers for the common queries. Can’t find what you need? Shoot us an email. We love helping our users.

Connect, stay in touch, and always keep a channel of communication open with your contacts, even when their contact details change. Our original promise has not changed. In fact, it’s only grown stronger with the latest update.

Let us know what you love about the all-new Konnections in the comments below.


never add, lose or update
a contact again