The only phonebook you'll ever need

Konnections combines Social Phonebook, Caller ID, Messenger, Spam Blocker, and Smart Dialer into one app that gives you complete control over your communications. Only Phonebook You’ll Ever Need

Customizable social circles

Create and manage social circles for family, friends, business, and other groups with group-specific communication rules. You decide how your contacts interact with you.

Baked With Privacy and Security

Private and Public Mode

Set your profile as public or private, and assign contact visibility rules for members in your social circles. You decide who gets to access your contact details and what they see.

Sort Your
Social Media Life

Share your Instagram ID with friends, LinkedIn profile with colleagues, Skype ID with clients, and your presence across other platforms with relevant groups. Compartmentalize your social life with ease.


We’re 100% Free.

No Fees, No Ads, No Hidden Charges!

Konnections is designed to simplify your life, not make it complicated with fees and subscriptions. Enjoy your new smart phonebook for free, forever!

About us

KONNECTIONS is feature-rich, privacy-conscious, and 100% free!


A phonebook that aims to simplify your life by AUTOMATICALLY updating your contacts’ info whenever they change. We give you complete control over your privacy, categorize contacts into social circles, and allow you to block spam callers for good.


KONNECTIONS saves all your contacts on the cloud and allows you to restore them on your smartphone. It lets you block specific numbers, decide how your contacts reach you, and manage all your social circles at the click of a button. When your contacts change their numbers, emails, or other details, they’re automatically updated in your phonebook.


KONNECTIONS is the smart phonebook for the internet era.




Kumar Prashant


Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Amit Kumar

Founder and CTO

Philosophy of Life: Dreamer, Achiever and Attitude of Never Giving up.

I am a Passionate Techie and Entrepreneur.

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I am a Flutter Developer who loves creating good UI experience along with scalable, maintainable and robust code.

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I have a passionate Full stack developer with all round experience from Flutter to Android to iOS to Java to AWS

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Quality Assurance Specialist

Automation / Manual test engineer with a strong commitment for producing high-quality products


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Frequently asked questions

KONNECTIONS brings powerful features like cloud backup, spam filter, caller ID, instant messaging, and more, to your phonebook and turns it into a smart phonebook that evolves to meet your changing needs.




Absolutely not! We’ll not show you ads nor sell your data to anyone, EVER! Your privacy and security are supremely important to us. So, use Konnections with complete peace of mind.




With Konnections, you decide who gets to see your contact details and what. If you don’t want someone to see your contact details, you can put them in, say, “No Show” social circle, and set the visibility of the entire social circle to none.




Circles are essentially groups. You can assign different visibility settings to each group, so that they can see your contact details only partially (as chosen by you), fully, or not at all. Besides visibility, you can also assign other types of settings for each circle.




Konnections is a social phonebook that comes with automatic contacts updater. We all know the pain of sharing our contact details when our number, email, or address change. With Konnections, all you need to do is just update your own profile with your new contacts, and all your Konnections friends will automatically get your new contact details.




Just install the app on all your devices & login with the same account! Konnections will automatically sync your contacts across all your devices. If you Connect to a new Person in one device, we will automatically update your other devices using same login.




Keeping contacts in circle gives you the option of setting visibility/privacy from them. People in any circle can view only those part of your data that you set as visible to them. For Eg. You can set that Contacts in “Friends” circle see only you Home Address, Home email and Mobile Number and your circles “Co-workers” can be set to see only Work Number and Work Address. If a person is kept in multiple circles the union of the visibility options of all circles is shown to them.




Yes. Apart from Public Info and Favourites all circles are available for deletion.




When you register for Konnections all the circles in phonebook with their members will be imported as it is. This will ease your work of putting those members again in the same circle.




Public info is a circle which is like your Public Profile for the World to see and cannot be deleted. This is the place where you set visibility of that part of your profile which you want to show to everyone even if they are not your friends.




You can go to any one friends profile page and click “Konnect” button below the profile picture. In the next list select the other person that you want him to introduce. Done. We will be sending (both of) them friend request on your behalf.




Just install Konnections on your mobile & login – done! Konnections will automatically backup your contacts for you.




You did the smartest thing by using Konnections! Just install the app on your new mobile and log in! In a few minutes, all your contacts will be transferred to your phone.




Any friend of yours, who are already in Konnections if changes their contact details in our app and we will make sure you automatically have the updated data in your login.




The details pertain to your friend and they would be in better position to make a correct entry and at the same time they should have the honours for making choice of whom to show that data. Anyways whenever they update the data you get the update instantly.




Connecting with people and business on Konnections is simple: just search them on add friend page into the app to request an addition. Additionally, you can scan their QR code or send them an invite through email, SMS or WhatsApp.




The best way to reach us is filling out the form on our website. You can also reach out to us for support e-mail to This way we receive all the information we need to assist you as soon as possible.




No, never! We are not in the business of selling contact info. Rather, we are in the business of securing it! You are always in charge of how your share your info and your contacts. Your trust is our most important asset. So be rest assured, your information is in safe hands!




No. Only the contacts in your phone will be merged with your master contacts list on Konnections and synced to all your connected devices.




If you are not getting verification OTP while registering, firstly check the internet connection on the device. In case of proper internet or too many attempts from same mobile number please wait for some time and try again.




Please email us at




For getting registered with apple follow the below-mentioned process
1. Visit the phonebook page.
2. click on the finish profile button.
3. Select the option “Apple” in the registration popup.
4. Follow the apple signing flow.

In case if you face any difficulty in the above-mentioned process then to solve that issue, you have to remove the Konnections app from your iPhone’s settings. For this follow these steps
1. Go to Settings.
2. Click on the user information (beside the profile pic).
3. Click on Password & Security.
4. Click on “Apps using Apple Id”
5. Choose “Konnections” app 6. Select “Stop using Apple Id”




All circles can be rearranged except Favourites. Please follow the below-mentioned steps to rearrange:
1. Click on the circle tab in bottom bar
2. Long press on any circle name.
3. Drag the circle to desired position.
4. Click on done button




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